OEM [Articles for washing]

R&D ability

1.More than 10 years experience in research and production of cleaning products;

2.We have 5 top experts with over 20 years experience in R&D, and production management of Daily Health products. In addition to them, we have many professionals with extensive degrees and credentials;

3.We have a state of the art laboratory specializing in cleaning products & cosmetics located in China. Fully integrated with the resources of top domestic experts, the product R&D lab was established at a top-tier university and research institution in China with international links to guarantee the powerful R&D ability of the 3 Plus 1 company.

Powerful productive capacity

1.Our modern factory covers 10,000 square meters and houses our production department. With a production capacity of over 200,000 tons annually, our facility is in the top levels of domestic detergent production, and can produce liquid, paste and powder detergents.

2.All of our products are authenticated by ISO9001:2000, the international standard of quality and safety.

3.Our production base will be the biggest OEM base of detergent and liquid detergent after completion of works of base.

Product planning capability

1.We have practical marketing team specializing in daily-use household chemical products. According to the requirements of clients in the target market, we provide our clients with market research services, product positioning, packing design, brand promotion, sales system establishment and other assistance.

2.We can design and maintain our client’s brand name so that our client can focus on marketing. Your brand is tailor-made by us, for you, enabling a highly effective degree of synergy.

3.We have many years experience of providing clients at home and abroad with professional OEM and ODM products and sevices.